I make the impossible #Recruitment possible via #SocialMedia. I’m an enthused #SocialLight . I think laterally; I don’t know what a box is,let alone think inside one!

I’m entrepreneurial, quick thinking, a communicator, creative, dynamic and an eternal optimist.
Basically, I’m unemployable for most organisations – because these skills tend to be feared as unmanageable, can’t finish what he started and is always too bloody happy! Thankfully I work for a company that highly values my skills and appreciates what value it can offer to the business, they don’t find me too difficult to manage (I hope) and appreciates a smiling face in the office. My team seem to put up with me as well 😉

My experience is in entrepreneurial start-ups, SMEs and private equity backed businesses, dealing with and managing ambiguity, change and transformation, moving at a rapid pace.

Having visited all four corners of the recruitment world spending time in regional specialist recruitment, Executive Search, In-House & RPO, I now bring the most creative ways of recruiting key talent to my clients. ‘Social Media’ amplification and engagement with a sprinkle of ‘Content Marketing’ is where it’s all currently happening and I love it.