AI is already here: slowly info-flooding our brains into submission!

Technology and Artificial Intelligence have taken over…

It started with the blind consumption of consumerism content that has allowed us to be fooled by fools. But slowly AI, yes Artificial Intelligence has stepped in, to consume us whole.

A bearded middle-aged man poses as young entrepreneurial start-up specialist!

He’s yet to start a business in his life…

Fitness expert telling us how to get fit quickly!

No longer goes anywhere near a Gym and the last healthy snack was the salad with their MacDonald’s…

World traveler telling us of all the great places to visit!

They barely ever pull themselves away from the cruise ship’s free bar…

Social Media is to blame, but Artificial Intelligence has control

The reality is that although social media gives some very talented specialists a platform to share their ideas, innovations and best practices; it is also a hive of people we don’t really know anything about.

I feel there is something potentially sordid about the whole social media thing and it sometimes feels like I’m on a dirty chat line talking to Big Busted Bella the Babe, who’s actually Doreen from Coventry, who’s in her 60’s and does it on the side for a bit of extra cash to add to her pension.

Who are these people I’m liking and hugging and sharing information about and how do I know they are who they say they are?

With all this content creation, curation and defecation of information, are we even talking and communicating with one another anymore?

I feel the dumbwaiter version of AI already has us in their greasily oiled stainless steel grips. Are we even reading what we’re sharing or liking, or in fact has the sheer volume of information taken over our tiny little brains, so we can no longer handle what’s right there in front of us?

The sight of more than a two-lined sentence can send our brains whirling into delirium!

Artificial Intelligence theosmithuk Technology Content Marketing

Has technology quietly been planning this all along behind our backs?

I have visions of when we get to the point where some genius designs the AI to beat all AI and it will look at them and laugh hysterically saying from the smooth edges of its composite mouth ‘I love it when a plan comes together.’

We’ll be in a sea of information so confused and disorientated that when the AI take control, there will be a sigh of relief from the human race.

Just like millions of battery hens being released from the cage into a barn built for hundreds, completely forgetting that they were once free; squawking with relief.

Will there be anybody that will stand up and spot that our artificial big brother is already watching our every move and slowly dram by dram the content consumerism gin we’ve been throwing down our necks will wash away any ability to think for ourselves?

AI Content Marketing Artificial Intelligence

Is it 1984? George Orwell knew it, but like Chinese whispers across the ocean to a new land, he didn’t quite get it spot on.

We are facing fake news daily, so we struggle to decipher what’s real and what’s not

Doublespeak comes from the mouths of global leaders and across social media, we consume it like it’s better than the truth, whatever that truth is.

Already armies of AI bots have helped overthrow democracies and place idiots in charge of the leading global economies. Millions of these Bots creating non-news that becomes globally trending news within hours or even seconds!

Who knew that Artificial Intelligence could ever lift itself outside of science fiction and into reality.

We are already cattle being lined up to the slaughter. The spaceship has landed and one by one our technological aliens leads us onto the mothership, ready to be taken away to be all-consumed.

The War of Artificial Intelligence AI

Can we even do anything about it?

Has the battle been lost and are we already lambs…


Read what’s in front of you. Look at what’s being said and have an opinion.

Build small communities of people you can start to get to know, understand and care about.

Opinions matter, so share yours and engage with others. Be strong, it’s in your blood and blood’s genetically thicker than oil! It’s been pumping around the bodies of primates for a lot longer than oil’s been pumping through technology or the pockets of the super rich!

Find ways to reject the bots, research what you’re reading. Learn who or where it has come from and what their background is on the subject. Remember the hard work you put in at school, college or university. Research more, learn more, educate yourself and fight against the consumerism GIN. Don’t be held to a two-line paragraph just because you fear people won’t read it. Because if you make it compelling enough AI won’t be able to fight it! The people will rise up and show they will not be beaten into submission and will, in fact, read what’s clearly in front of them.

Love, compassion, generosity, reciprocity between the human race is what will win the day. The communication of real words, real ideas and a real hunger to explore the unknown and share a belief in a better society is what we need and want.  That will bring us closer together and not drive us further apart.

So, go… NOW!

The war of Artificial Intelligence is here

The silent war of noise has begun and we must begin to cut through it with real words that come from within our souls, deeply ingrained in millions of years of human evolution.

We are not the dinosaurs and winter is coming, but not the armies of the dead. It’s far worse than that, it’s the armies of the never lived and the never died.

And they are already in our homes watching and influencing everything we do and say…



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  1. Really enjoyed busty Brenda, it’s given me a business idea…

    There’s a lot of truth in what you write, our AI is absolutely at the mercy of internal processes and the skill of the user to achieve the substantial ROI, my hope is that more people do the research, see the bigger picture and opportunity so we can accelerate with the “super humanisation” part.

    1. Thanks, Will. If anybody knows anything on this subject it’s you! 😉
      Appreciate the comments and I agree there is a real opportunity that stretches way beyond Brenda and her…

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