Theo’s view of the TMP World… in which he lives and what a world it is!

So here at TMP Worldwide UK and our Sister company Yocto RPO we’re the quirky ones in the room. Not all beards, cool specs and ‘Tank Girl’ or ‘Tuxedo’ t-shirts. Although there certainly are some of these, and we love them. But a real mix of opinionated, passionate and enthusiastic people and talent. Who are looking to make a positive difference in their chosen space.

So what does a positive difference mean? Some garbled attempt at trying to be something we’re not! Or maybe it’s the need to fit into a new cyberworld where the augmented reality is a glittered disguise for the grey windowless room in the basement of an inner city relic.

Thankfully not the case here!

It’s actually about personalities; people engaging in constructive conflict that will bring about positive change, empowered via bespoke solutions for our clients.

What exactly does that look like for our customers?

@TMPWorldwideUK we’ve been creating wonderful brand led approaches for years and we’ve been lucky enough to have some great achievements recognised at the RADS and at the CIPD awards, to name just a couple.

For Virgin Money we delivered what was dubbed as ‘the world’s most creative job interview’ looking for a ‘Creative Genius’ to head up the innovation team at Virgin Money.

The interview was a set of immersive tasks that needed to be completed by the chosen candidates, including presenting to the Dragon’s Den, succeeding in the Crystal Maze and giving the England football team the pep talk of their life.

For Autotrader only recently our creative team only went and built an awesomemobile.

“Have you seen our #awesomemobile out & about in #Manchester? Give us a wave as you see us fly by! #autotrader #autotraderlife

Sometimes it just takes a ‘creative’ approach to target a specialist audience and in this case Autotrader wanted the world to know it didn’t need mechanics or car salespeople. It’s in the online digital space and therefore needs talent to come and be a part of its creative and cool world in the North!  So we delivered a solution that had a bit of fun and went directly to where the audience hung out in the centre of Manchester.

And then there’s our sister company Yocto

Who, I here you say?

The mind-bendingly, miraculously small of course! The tiniest unit of measurement there is and to us, it just happens to be the biggest deal. Because it’s what sets us apart: The attention to detail at every stage of the candidate journey.

Our Yocto RPO recruitment delivery teams based in Bristol are lucky enough to work with, in my opinion, some of our amazing clients who are every bit as quirky, innovative and creative as our team of recruiting superstars.

Some examples of these incredible companies and projects are:


One of the leading aerospace manufacturers globally, where we are regularly challenged to identify and supply the talented engineers, who produce the thrust reversers that ensure your holiday plane comes to a steady stop on the runway.


As the world goes digital, so does parliament. The candidates we are placing are transforming the way government consumes information and literature.


A highly regarded UK private healthcare provider. Our recruiters are tirelessly seeking out the next nurse who’ll be transforming the lives of others and caring for our loved ones.


So how do we find this ‘Talent’ the world is desperately looking for?

Well through forensic data analysis, laser-like sourcing, rigorous candidate engagement ensuring we target job seekers, who aren’t actively looking, assess their suitability, then present the best ones to our clients.

We identify individuals through the science of sourcing, then connect through the art of engagement…. The science is the intense identification of talent, whether actively seeking a role, or ‘hiding’ from recruiters, and getting them on our radar…. The art is engaging with ‘target candidates’, using the Employer’s Brand to turn a CV/profile into an enthused ‘live candidate,’ and presenting a potentially ‘great hire’.

So the next time you think of TMP, think ‘Laser-Like’ capability and ‘the World’s Most Creative’… Because at the heart of our business is recruitment, but it’s surrounded by a body of technology, a creative mind and a dynamic energy. You can guarantee a quirky bunch of people who’ll be on hand to work with you; making ideas a reality. No masquerade, no augmented reality, but real people, with real lives and a real passion for what they do.


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Having visited all four corners of the recruitment world, spending time in ‘Specialist Recruitment’, ‘Executive Search’, ‘In-House’ & ‘RPO’, I now bring creative ways of recruiting key talent to my clients. ‘Social Media’ amplification and engagement with a sprinkle of ‘Content Marketing’ is where it’s all happening and I love it!

I also enjoy writing professional blogs, speaking at the company, charity and industry events, whilst still working in a challenging role within TMP Worldwide; a resourcing business that helps organisations hire and retain the right people by leveraging their employer brands.

“We focus on brand led direct resourcing, which puts the employer brand at the heart of the resourcing process”

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