The #Social in Social Media… and we don’t mean a pint down the pub!

Theo’s view of Social Media

Social Media can be a crazy place, but it doesn’t mean you need to visit a pub to become social media savvy.

However, if you listen to Google Dave and Bill Boorman, as part of their great work with Social Talent. They’ll tell you about the similarities between engaging and socialising in a pub, with that of online social engagement. This doesn’t mean we should talk in the same style and language online, as in the pub. What it does mean is there is an etiquette to how we communicate with one another in any face to face social environment. No surprise, that the way we connect, engage and communicate via social media channels shouldn’t be that different.

For example, you just don’t walk into a pub, go up to each person you see and give them a thumbs up or a big smile, without any context, and then walk straight back out again expecting to have made some good friends and contacts. At best you’ll be remembered, but not for the right reasons. At worst you’ll have made the wrong type of connections or none at all!

So before we get into the nitty-gritty, trials, and tribulations of #social, what is Social on Media?

noun: social media; plural noun: social medias

“websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking” Thanks Google!


“Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks” Wikipedia

Okay enough of the dictionary, google-pedia view of what Social is:

Basically in my simple view, it comes down to communication. By Jove, I think he’s got it! Okay it doesn’t take a techno-savvy, digital media, #SocialLight to work that one out. But you’d be surprised, not everybody has cottoned on yet and they certainly haven’t realised that if you get your communication wrong on social, whether that be through words or imagery, you could be on your way to digitally walking up to a person or even worse a million people and punching them right in the face. Ouch!

DeGiornio Pizza famously felt how hard the world can punch online when they took a hashtag #WhyIStayed and wrote: You Had Pizza!

Unfortunately for them, they’d picked a popular hashtag without first understanding its origins and purpose. Clearly, you can see in the comments below that they had gotten it horribly wrong.

Theo’s view of #Social Syntax Media


Damage limitation: DiGiornio quickly apologised for their horrible error.

Theo’s view of #Social Tweet 2 Syntax Media

Sadly this hasn’t been the end of the saga and the Hashtag #WhyIStayed has been abused this year and used to make fun of the whole situation. So even years later the story still hasn’t gone away and a simple tweet continues to have a negative impact across social channels.

So you’ve not been put off by the Horror stories?

What next? Find what it is you want to say. Once you’ve got your KILLER content, you then have to decide, how do you want to connect with those people you are trying to target through owned, earned or paid media? You may be thinking what exactly do I mean by these terms?

Here is a great high-level example of the ‘Digital Marketing Trifecta’ by Titan SEO

Titan SEO: Digital Marketing Trifecta


But even then, once you understand the Digital Marketing Trifecta and you’ve made your decision, it’s becoming ever more challenging to swim through the sticky swamp of social media channels and more importantly to understand which ones you should use as part of your social strategy! For example targeting Mums returning to work after parental leave on SNAPCHAT wouldn’t be a great idea. Hoping to find nurses on Linkedin! Better search on Facebook. So working out the correct social channels to connect with the right audience is key to enjoying success on #Social.

Hey, let’s face it, I do this for a job and even I feel like a spaceman that’s been let loose! Floating about with a compass in one hand and a piece of paper in the other, with one question written on it: where is the next planet like earth?


There are two main things we need to consider: first, what do you want to achieve and secondly, how much do you have to spend. Here in the #SocialTribe at TMP.Worldwide.UK we’ve been able to achieve some fantastic success through organic impressions and engagements; however, we also invest in paid promotional content. Sometimes you get lucky and time it just right with the perfect message. But most of the time it’s the correct combination of targeted paid marketing that supports and boosts the organic impressions and engagements.

My last blog My View of the TMP World… went on to achieve in excess of 14,000 views without any paid promotional investment. But I’ve also had content that has had views of 100’s rather than 1000’s. We must always; start with the end in mind, get the content right and then utilise what budget we have to amplify the key message. With all the right planning you’ll get good results and with a bit of good timing and luck, it’ll go viral!

You can give this a go yourself or get the professionals to do it for you. What I always say, is that we can all do our own tax returns, but it will take you a lot longer than it would a tax professional and will you get the best return on your money? Sometimes these things pay for themselves by nature of the improvement of the quality of the results!


So what’s new in Social?

SHOCK HORRER Linkedin has decided to take a leaf from Tinder’s books. I’ve recently received an update of their terms and conditions:


‘Easily meet up with other members – You’ll have the ability to see members nearby

so it’s easier to meet up…’

How exciting! All of a sudden we connect on linkedin, then turn up on those people’s doorsteps saying ‘Hi, we’re connected on Linkedin and I could see you were at home, so I just dropped by for a cuppa.’ Eeeek!


Social Influencers

If you’ve not had your head buried in the sand, you’ll know that influencers are becoming big business. Companies are starting to recognise that they need to include them as part of their digital marketing strategy.

@SocialChain based in Manchester is already ahead of the game on this particular point. They’ve acquired followings of millions and through the power of these networks, they are able to promote pretty much anything to a specified targeted group.  As far as I know, they do not even have to pay advertising costs to amplify their messages.

It’s simple, just like a lighthouse highlights the land and guides ships away to their destination. Powerful influencers on social media are able to hold a light up to information, opportunities, and products or pretty much anything they chose. It will draw their follower’s eye-sight to pay attention to it.” From ‘How to be a SocialLight’  

Now it seems the government is stepping in to see what this is all about. Will it soon have tighter regulations? Also what implications will that have for its ability to have the impact it’s clearly currently having.


So what’s next?

2017 predictions: Why artificial intelligence will blow account-based marketing out of the water? So says Peter Isaacson and he may not be that far from the truth!

So what do you think will be happening in #Social in 2017 and what does #Social mean to you?


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