My date with Doris and the 3 errors of my ways…

My crazy date with Doris last week and the 3 errors of my ways…

Error no.1

Last week I heard people mention #StormDoris and that it was bad up North, however, I didn’t think that referred to little old me and my journey!

Error no.2

I got on a train!

Error no.3

I tried to travel on said train

The gift I received for my adventure into the unexpected

8 trains over 8 wonderful hours

A lovely surprise visit to Reading and then 3 hours in lovely Birmingham station with some other happy travellers 😀

Then for a final couple of hours on the train back to lovely Manchester with my fellow passengers…

Just in time to get home for the ‘Ten o’clock News’ to live it all over again in widescreen!

Thank you Doris, you’re great! 😀


Authors profile

Theo Smith has been a successful International Head-Hunter and Global Account Manager for some of the most successful and progressive conglomerates in the world. After spending several years as a professional actor delivering workshops and lectures to young people on critical youth issues, such as gang culture, drink and drugs and employment, Theo has carved out a career in business, sales, marketing and recruitment.

He now writes professional blogs, speaks at company, charity and industry events and still works in a challenging recruitment role within TMP Worldwide, a resourcing business that helps organisations hire and retain the right people by leveraging their employer brands. “We focus on brand led direct resourcing, which puts the employer brand at the heart of the resourcing process”.


Disclaimer: Views expressed are purely my personal opinions and not in any way affiliated to organisations of which I am part, or for whom I have worked in the past. Any issues with any of the content used in this post, should be directed to the author


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