#SocialChain; new kids on the block, reflecting a societal change

‘The kids who decide what all the other kids are talking about’ #BBCRadio4

The Social Media Crew… So here they are, the cool 20 something’s! The Uni drop outs, who’ve created a movement, a wave of opinion, an impact on millennials. One that can provide them with the impetus to respond in a way we’ve not seen before or couldn’t have previously imagined. Even if it has been quietly creeping up on us.

But wait this isn’t just about responding to political unrest or change. It’s about burgers, trainers or the so-called new record signing of ‘Rex Secco’ by #ArseneWenger for #Arsenal. Is it only such trivial matters that now energises and influences young people to like, share and comment on social content. Do they define #SocialContent to be in its purest form, when it’s non-political or religious? Safe and fun content for #millennials is easy to understand. It also doesn’t risk the social media backlash that can happen from liking or sharing the wrong images and copy.

In fact, am I just trivialising it myself or have #TheSocialChain fell upon something much bigger than how to influence the thinking and decision making of millennials. #SteveBartlett CEO of the Social chain himself said there is no reason this wouldn’t work on other age specific groups. At 24 years of age, he just doesn’t see himself as the one to deliver a solution outside of his sphere of knowledge and influence. And what an influence he is!

Surely the appointment of the new US president #TRUMP this Friday 20th January is a sign?

That it’s not just millennials that can be highly influenced by the messages that are conveyed via massive social media followings. It makes sense that somebody who likes the things you like and gives advice that you generally follow, when it comes to the crunch, can influence and guide your decision-making process. Even to the point where you may start to find out things about them that you don’t like, however, you’re already psychologically attached to them and committed to seeing it through to the immeasurable and possibly unimaginable end…

And so it’s no surprise the future of recruitment is changing and evolving even more than we ever could have predicted. #Facebook is moving more towards the solid professional world of #Linkedin. We spend much more time on Social sites speaking to our family and friends, than we ever have on Linkedin. Joining more informal and professional groups than ever before. So when a message hits us there for the 2nd or 3rd time, subconsciously we connect and are more likely to eventually respond and act upon that message.

So the future social engagement is surely not about our hard and fast beliefs that exist in isolation. It’s about the social influencers and their followers. It seems that the millennials should not be laughed at by the rest of us for following the sheep whilst being directed by a well-informed, clever sheepdog. Because ultimately the so-called more experienced ‘wiser’ humans on this planet are giving #robots and #Artificial-Intelligence all the ammunition they need to take over the world. As we slowly follow the lemmings off the edge of the political and social cliff.

TheSocialChain is perhaps not just the new kid on the block creating a movement and influencing change. They are also reflecting the wider global movement from a social and political acceptance, to a reaction to action, which intern is a movement to transformation.

The question to answer: are you going to be influencing the reaction and therefore informing the action, or will you just be accepting the transformation…?



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