“A How-to” Negotiating your salary in a competitive market

Always think about the bigger picture: the company as a whole. A potential employer will   look at what you’re worth and what potential value you’ll bring to the organisation.  Do your research to understand how they may measure this and where you feel you could add extra value when negotiating your salary.

Hold steadfast in your inner confidence. Remember your value and try to realise that value at every opportunity.

Own your research and use it at all times; it will prove to be the backbone of your negotiation.

Win each area of the negotiation through understanding where there is flexibility and where there is none.

Try to be creative and impress them with your ability to think outside of the box when negotiating your salary!

Offer solutions and not problems and you’ll gain respect during the negotiating period and ultimately get the best deal for you and your new employer.

Negotiating your salary
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When preparing to negotiate your salary, you should prepare a detailed breakdown of your current package. Include everything from fuel costs to bonuses to fringe benefits. You must have a good understanding of your worth before you can negotiate. A company may only be able to pay a fixed salary, but they may be able to include housing, schooling, increased bonus or additional fringe benefits and all of this information can help you achieve your desired salary.

Remember to concentrate on what’s important first then work your way down the list. There’s nothing worse than somebody negotiating over something of small value to begin with. At the end of the negotiation if you have not received what you had hoped for then you could request some small perks to soften the blow. But remember even if you are requesting one more day’s holiday, at each point there should be a clear argument for it. Companies are not there to provide freebies and won’t respect you for elongating the negotiating process for things that are deemed to have little value or importance!

Finally, remember showing creativity and confidence in negotiation is an admirable quality, but it can also show arrogance. Make sure you don’t cross the line and always put yourself in the position of the hiring manager. There are always limits to what can be achieved and sometimes there just isn’t much flexibility and you’re left with a clear ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ decision to make. Please do make it wisely!

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