YOU ARE A PRODUCT: Now get out there and market yourself!

Content Marketing when you’re the product!

In this difficult economic climate we are all competing for space. Make sure you are doing all you can to communicate what makes you different and why you should be the next employee of choice.

1.       How can you expect people to know about you if you don’t tell them? 

Remember a product can be the most interesting, innovative product in the world but if nobody knows about it, how can they be expected to buy it? Equally there is no point selling a sports car at a pony show. Content marketing is the secret. Know your market and communicate and sell yourself within that market place.

2.       What makes you different to all the other products (prospective candidates) out there?

When we buy a new product what are the things that interest us? For example, if we are buying a new car we may consider factors such as speed, aesthetics, new technology, economy etc. For a car manufacturer, they need to identify what it is their consumer wants and present it to them in the right package and at the right price. As a professional looking to develop their career, we need to go one step further and perhaps take a leaf out of Steve Jobs’ book.  Steve created something that didn’t already exist. That something then became the ‘must have’ product; we didn’t know we needed it until Steve told us we needed it and showed us why! In the same vein, we need to look at what it is that differentiates us from all the other people out there and then present it to a potential employer. This should leave them wondering how they could manage without us!

Good content marketing witha robust strategy can help. Read more on a how-to social media content marketing strategy here

3.       How do we know if you have anything interesting to say unless you say it?

There is no point having an opinion on everything but never communicating it to anybody. Start writing a blog when you have something to say or make comments beneath articles on industry related websites. Let people know you have an opinion on your industry and that you care and are passionate about what you do. This shows the wider world that work is not just a nine to five occupation and that you can add real value to any organisation that employs you.

4.       Show your potential and not just your current ability! 

If you are looking for that next move in your career or if you are currently one of the many people unemployed due to the drastic cuts by the current government, you need to plan for the future. This is very important as organisations are no longer looking for people to do a job, they are looking for people to excel at doing that job. It is fantastic that you have been doing a job for ten years and you feel capable of doing that job at another company but what else are you going to do to improve yourself to reach your future potential?  Be sure to communicate to the world, not just who you are but also who you would like to be.

5.       Prove through your execution of the above that your value is directly linked to your skills and knowledge.

By doing all of the above, people will hear your voice and respect you for having an opinion. More importantly they will recognise your value and appreciate what that value is based upon: your skills, knowledge and experiences. It is now your turn to communicate this to your industry and to the people who will recognise what you have to offer and give you the opportunity to excel and reach your future potential. Good luck!

5 Replies to “YOU ARE A PRODUCT: Now get out there and market yourself!”

  1. Hi Theo,

    I really enjoyed your article and especially the obvious reference to Steve Jobs’ success with the ability to “think outside the box”. I will definitely keep this as a reference and guide, while I pursue new opportunities.


  2. Thanks for this, really enjoyed it, you had me at point 1. How can you expect people to know about you if you don’t tell them? Most times I don’t feel the need to do so, but the truth is if I don’t say anything about me to people, then they barley even think much about me. Its my mantra for the day!

  3. Thanks Theo for a well written piece. Will be beneficial to professionals not only looking for a change but also to improve themselves in th current positions, thereby contributing more to their organisations.

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