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Here, I support individuals and organisations getting the best results from their social media recruitment and content marketing strategy. But, if you’re thinking “what strategy”. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

I make the impossible Recruitment possible via Social MediaI think laterally and I don’t know what a box is, let alone think inside one! My content is born out of a creative mind and always with my own quirky sideways angle of looking at the world.

I’ve experienced working with entrepreneurial start-ups, SMEs and private equity-backed businesses; managing ambiguity, change, and transformation, at a rapid pace.

But I did spend a few years at the start of my career as a thespian!

My experience spans all four corners of the recruitment world from regional specialist recruitment, Executive Search, In-House & Recruitment Process Outsourcing. I now bring the most creative ways of recruiting key talent to my clients, via social media.

‘Social Media’ amplification and engagement with a sprinkle of ‘Content Marketing’ is where it’s all currently happening and I love it.

I hope that I’ll inspire you to love it too.

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What does being in the RL100 mean to you?

Recently but before the fun and games at #RecFest18 I shared a post on Linkedin asking what it meant to be a part of the #RL100. Below I have brought together all of the wonderful comments that I received explaining what it is to be a part of the most active group of recruitment leaders …

Is public speaking like acting? Actors get scared too…

Is public speaking like acting; as a professionally qualified actor and a presenter, I believe they are similar and here’s why, with a few hints and tips along the way. Is public speaking like acting: Yes or No… In both instances you perform live in front of an audience. You are communicating a message that …

Why you need a social media audit; and How-to!

So firstly, what is a social media audit? A social media audit ‘is not’ a purely data driven exercise, that looks deep into your social media channels. We don’t need your login details as we view it from a customer user experience.  It’s actually best delivered by a ‘human’ with the support of technology, rather …


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